Divine Love Dwells Within Us

Divine love dwells within us, it proliferates and develops as it dynamically, and affectionately passes through our heart to others, therein it really bears abundant fruit; its touching spirit, and inspiring influence is kept beautifully alive as it becomes divinely infused in our soul nature, and flourishes by virtue of our willingness to be of sincere loving giving-ness in any and every personal and collective capacity—the true liberty of actualized interactive harmony, and global oneness is based on the immanent gift of love divine being wholeheartedly activated in all our relations.

Infinite love abides with us all the days of our lives and beyond, even an eternity; the indwelling Spirit presence—our true essence—of the Universal Creator, who is, and ever works by love, moreover, from whom gently extends, and powerfully pours forth the love-key of reality, as we likewise, bestow spiritual love in kind with every personality contact, bringing to all social forms the truth of an eternal love actuality, attuning us to the very substance, and universal value of sister-brother-love service—God’s loving spirit is attendant, and intrinsically at the heart of all communion, worship, and prayer.

The Spirit of love delightfully integrates the transformative, super intimate presence of the God of love living inside the sanctuary of the higher-self—and outflow through us it must unencumbered, of this we are required for true love to grow, and thrive; our spiritualizing love actions are contributing supremely toward our being immortalized into God’s divine image, forthwith we are learning to righteously live up to the real nature of agape love from the inside out, and joyfully express its spiritual goodness in sister-brotherhood, family, fellowship, fraternity, and friendship—the beloved community of earth—one world under God, now, and forevermore. Amen.