Divine Love Is Here To Stay

Divine love is here to stay, because our Creator made it that way; although with all personalities true love may not hold sway, nevertheless, the God of love who upholds all life always has the first, and last say—whose eternal will ever works by an absolute love that is impossible of decay, and throughout the universe of universes is amply on display. If with the indwelling Spirit of love our heart does lay, then know in truth, we’re all love-powered to keep lovelessness at bay.

Divine love upon this earth is well underway, whosoever chooses to obey Spirit’s leading, will definitely portray, God’s infinite love interplay; any person who sides with being unloving, and goes astray, or decides the tenets of love they will betray, might be tempted to render love passé, however, if through naiveté, one attempts to reduce pure love to selfish pay, and subsequently causes any disharmonious interpersonal or societal disarray, if that being sincerely desires to be truly loving, supreme love will unequivocally be found to mercifully guide that soul into ever perfecting experiences of love’s unending joyous play.

Divine love is with us each and every day, always available without delay, its simple formulae is to let love flow, and freely convey—like an unencumbered sunray, or freely sharing a love-filled bouquet—its essential spirit in every sort of communique. Let us spiritually weight, as we pray, the revelation that divine love will never go away, henceforth, be not of dismay, no matter what keep the faith, and love on anyway, everything will assuredly be—by the Creator’s grace—ultimately okay, pure love will always provide a heartwarming passageway; for every person is God’s divinely loved protege, therefore, each of us can confidently essay, that divine love is here to stay.