The Attributes Of Divine Love

The attributes of divine love are infused with the nature and characteristics of the Universal Creator whose perfect qualities are infinite, and dominant distinction is pure love, personalized through a divine affection of unceasing warmth that spiritually attunes, and charms the mortal soul. God’s infinity of love is abounding with realities of living truth, supernal beauty, and wondrous, heavenly pleasures imbued with holy fragrance, transcendent joy, superlative grace, inspiring energetics, and a tireless benevolence of sacred intimacy, whose love-filled Spirit presence affectionately, and individually extends glorious embrace, carrying the faithful soul into the most loving eternal future.

Divine love is overflowing with infinite goodness, its adorable attendance, and healing peace reveals our Creator’s unconditional devotion to each and every person, delivering an unspeakable numinous ecstasy, and divine delight to the open hearted. Eternally creative, the magnificent splendor, and altruistic nature of God’s love is divinely constituted with factors of incomparable loveliness, enrapturing tenderness, bliss-filled vibrations, and the compelling influence of amazing kindness; in turn creating the loveliest spiritual image of which we are made in liaison with the indwelling Spirit that lives and loves within us as who we truly are, and will ever come to be.

All aspects of divine love is innately nurturing, sublimely compassionate, utterly fulfilling, and in winning lovableness reveals an exquisite universal harmony, bringing to light the family of God. The love of the Spirit provides a reviving care, gratifying adoration, matchless respect, endearing touch, ideal qualities of giving, heartwarming-soul-saving gifts, enamoring beatitudes of feeling, divinely cherishing, enthralling sweetness, the perfect relationship; for God’s love is the greatest love of all, the supreme spiritual reality, and through the measureless attributes of divine love—combined in absolute unity and wisdom—gives us the way, and approach to the divine heart of our beloved Creator, and the eternal basis of all relationships from here to Paradise.