Divine Love Is On The Rise

Divine love is on the rise throughout the land, to harmonize, and equalize all people, ushering in a epochal global love enterprise. Looking with soul eyes, we come to recognize, the works of the Spirit as it lovingly leads us to divinize, and organize the morals of the civilized world. God’s love is all-wise, and has come to characterize, the way divinity applies—without compromise—to supervise, the heart on the ascending path that exemplifies, those baptized, in the Holy Spirit; we are progressively apprised, and spiritualized to serve, minister, and culturally symbolize what our beloved Creator, with perfect love, authorized, and specifies.

As we arise to materialize the love of God, we maximize the size, and love ties, of all relations, this gives us the power to visualize, a world that will utilize, unconditional love, to revise, crystalize, and stabilize, a planet whereon a divine code of ethics prevails, and testifies to the Supreme’s universal ministry to mobilize the collective hearts of humanity, to synthesize, the divine purpose and plan that ultimately satisfies, the Infinite’s will—to exercise a true love among us that never dies; for in truth, life ceaselessly identifies, and clarifies, our Creator’s love, personalized, and always poised to moment to moment actualize.

Love divine is arising, comprising of every soul socializing, and energizing, its synchronizing emergence; immunizing, and minimizing any inclination toward lovelessness; for within the citadel of the mortal mind the indwelling Spirit is individualizing love to revolutionizing proportions, emphasizing, that we love one another as God loves us. Through this love spirited uprising, we are optimizing our Spirit’s gifting love, and neutralizing, those tendencies that may be polarizing, or paralyzing our enlarging capacity to wholly love one another. With divine love on the rise every soul qualifies to liberalize, and fraternize their love endowment—which relies, on being freely shared, to fully epitomize, and ideally realize.