Divine Love Is Healing

Divine love is unceasingly healing, therefore very appealing, in resolving all deep seated issues—the underlying cause of emotional double dealing, and subconsciously, may be concealing, that ever present true love feeling, which is actually substantiating and revealing, the Creator’s fondly embracing essence of presence—divinely, lovingly, unsealing, the vast universal love potentials bestowed upon every heart, eternally, individually, and collectively now congealing.

Healed free through an inflowing, life anchoring love divinity, from all that is selfishly unlovely, is our innate, outgoing Godly key, to come to be who we were meant to be; by every ascending spiritualizing degree, we gradually with clarity will see, that omni-love is a factual part of our overall reality, we’re upheld within its awesome spiritual gravity, while it is efficiently purging the soul of all negativity. Divine liberty, through eternal love, comprises the way of right living, the light of true vision, and the Godlike ministrations of an authentic love based society.

Pure love heals, and tills the soul that kneels, humbly, reverently, lovingly, before God, who empowers the heart to freedom from every temporal ordeal, and all that is unreal; moreover, we are divinely directed to plant the Spirit’s ideal, and in fruitful shared harvest partake of its eternalizing, life sustaining, heavenly meal; thus inspiring mightily our spiritual zeal, to always turn the brotherhood wheel, wherein all lovelessness is repealed, and cosmic ethical conduct is divinely, righteously, and invariably genteel.

The Spirit of Love is absolutely healing, and toxic love shielding, for the love of God is affectionately, diligently, endlessly unreeling—is infinitely restorative, transformative, unconditionally curative, and while permeating the whole of the being, is gently peeling, away layers of unfeeling; divine love is healing, through Supreme love fielding—in loving oneness we’re cultivating, wielding, and building, a healed world, where, from the heart of every person, love divine is ever yielding.