The Grace Of Divine Love

From the heights of glory the gift of grace through divine love comes to our lives, endowing each and every person with abundant spiritual wealth—the matchless grace of the all-loving God envelopes, attends, and ministers to the totality of beings. The indwelling of the Creator’s spirit of love, with ever tender mercy, insures the full flow and increasing light of a saving grace. We are thoroughly embraced in body, mind, and soul with the endearing grace of God, who creates us children of grace by means of the untold graces of infinite love.

As sons and daughters of grace and mercy, we belong by virtue of universal love to the divine family; wherein we are increasingly empowered by the grace of faith, to love, and by grace grow to attain the pinnacles of divine destiny; as we become love-saturated, love-emanating souls, this provides for ceaseless progression in the grace, and glories of God, enabling us to gracefully bear all trials and tribulations, moreover, by grace, with love we blossom in goodness, graciously keyed for greatness through loving service. The grace of the Supreme, and our growth in grace provides for definite advancement in all phases of spiritual development.

We rise by means of the truths of living grace, and the experiences of divine love, hence, everlasting self-transformation is obtained as we yield to the graceful leading of the Spirit—we are fellowshipped by the grace of love. Through our budding new nature of grace, we are reborn into the ascending spiritual life. The loving will of our Creator establishes blessings of lavish proportions—sufficient grace to insure the survival of every soul who really desires divine citizenship. God’s grace is visited upon all, paving the way to the heavenly gracedom of eternal life, according to the ordained auspices of divine love.