The Leading Of Divine Love

Divine love is leading and seeding the way to a better day wherein the true heart of humanity will have a greater say, if we follow infinite love’s spiritual sway, a more perfect life it will lovingly portray; love divine is a guiding light maximizing all relationship interplay, infusing all communique with a shared love bouquet. With pure love conducting, we are protected from going astray, or finding ourselves among the fray, tempted to betray the array of joys and gifts love does convey; if we accede to love’s lead we will be ushered into deeds of sublime service expressing our deepest loving needs.

In heeding universal love’s ceaseless feeding, we will assuredly, increasingly, be divinely succeeding, for the piloting of Supreme love will always be superseding the traps of a loveless kneading, uprooting all that is unloving through our indwelling Spirit’s ministry of soul weeding, healing all issues that may be love impeding, and heart bleeding, thus treating everyone with an everlasting love greeting that is never fleeting—all personality interchange is shown to be occasion for a love flowing meeting, now, and forevermore shared from our Creator’s interior heart seating.

By allowing divine love to take the lead we shall be led into a novel progressive creed, and with Godspeed love will be decreed; in becoming keyed to the path of eternal love we will receive a limitless meed that will not recede, effectively eliminating mortal greed; in fusing with the leadership of the Spirit of Love eternal life is guaranteed—as we lovingly proceed, the revelatory directives of the God of love will read as a covenant whose plan and purpose will fully be agreed; as ascending sons and daughters of God spiritualized into a new spiritual breed, rejoice, for through the leadings of divine love we are forever freed.