The Unstinted Bestowal Of Divine Love

The unstinted bestowal of divine love volitionally, profusely, infinitely, eternally descends and outpours to all creation from the perfect loving nature of our Creator parents; love is the exquisite and paramount characteristic of the Universal Father-Mother, Infinite Spirit, and the very essence of the Supreme; our Makers conjoined love forever seeks the welfare of every created son and daughter—the greatest manifestation of such love is found in the solemn truth that God has sent and entrusted his loving Spirit to live within us. Love is the central qualifying vibration in the totality of relationship, from the highest absolute, perfect Original Personality to the lowest finite and imperfect personality.

The all-pervasive, all-inclusive permeation, and ubiquitous enveloping of love divine, magnanimously encompasses the actuality of life for all beings of the vast well-nigh infinite family, one’s need is wholly sufficient to insure the full flow of the Universal Creator’s tender mercies and saving grace, substantiating divine love as the true, unlimited, holy, eternal premise, center, and core for every personality in existence, exceeding all other facts of life—making love the greatest of realities in the universe of universes.

The majestic, grandeur, and unutterable generosity of the loving-kindness of God is infinitely plenteous, and all-embracing of divine truth, supernal beauty, and spiritual goodness, gloriously pervading, and bountifully illuminating every member of the celestial family; the love of God for each and every person brings into being the universal sister-brotherhood, the all-relationship of the whole, making true love the secret of beneficent association between persons.

The unstinted bestowal of divine love, reveals an all-powerful, sweeping, irresistible, limitless, uplifting ministry of supreme love—functioning in perfect unity with divine wisdom and all other infinite attributes of Deity—forever inspiring the highest motivation, and providing a munificent love stimulus for every encounter of interrelation from here to Paradise. God’s love boundlessly bestowed, follows us now and throughout the endless circle of the eternal ages!