The Peace Of Divine Love

Paradisal love comes with untold peace, forthright, and exclusively to every precious soul, and is always on the evolutionary, revelatory, personal, and planetary increase; without a moments cease, love divine yields a paragon tranquility, released in and through the heart, in abiding union, and with tender care, that all may share—and are welcomed to appear— at the Eternal’s heavenly blessed feast, that completes with offering an everlasting lease on life; moreover, infinite love seeks everyone to be her consecrated companion, and ever dynamic loving masterpiece.

The peace of divine love will even calm the raging mortal beast in the heart of the unloving least—which is even now on the decrease—concurrently, with worldwide serenity growing exponentially apiece, and becoming humanities signature triumphant crowning wreath; the Spirit’s synchronous peacemaking and peacefulness on earth is for always freest, as assuredly as the sun rises in the east; a peace-loving-keeping-time is here and now on the upward and inward cline—forthcoming, and presently, untroubled is the peace-filled, and faith stilled soul of a divinely love endowed mind.

Every personality is universal love’s centerpiece, even in uncertain times establishing unrivaled heartsease; agape love is painstakingly, to the whole world bequeathed, creating a spiritually protective sheath for all souls to peaceably live beneath; into omni-love and its equanimous, abundant fruitfulness the peace-loving child of the Spirit sinks their growing teeth; as budding souls discover the peace of God—that passes all understanding—and through the unspeakable love of the Creator’s everywhere heartwarming Spirit heath—the embodied light of love brings into being an enveloping celestial field, and shield, an individually, and collectively hugging Spirit fleece of peace, which can never decease!