The Beatitudes Of Divine Love

The beatitudes of divine love are blessed states encompassing a high order of spiritual magnitude, inclusive of true love in plenitude, and ministered in exactitude, by way of the loving touch of the indwelling Spirit’s infinitude, who in perfection is endowed with the aptitude to love with a unreserved holy rectitude, thereby, increasing the love amplitude of the multitudes, while supplying lasting well-being, stimulating faith attitudes, and anointing the soul with a love certitude.

The Spirit’s love-creed lays forth the heavenly covenant of true being, presenting divinely preordained love-actions of our Creator’s supreme affection—promoting peace—is peacemaking, serving the highest level of devotion, strengthens moral character and courage, embraces patience and forbearance, creates enduring happiness, provides abiding tenderheartedness, and sensitive responsiveness to human need, inspires friendships of loving kindness based on a love of doing good, and seeing the best in others.

The requirements for reception and expression of the beatitudes of divine love are predicated on the desire to do God’s will; loving one’s fellows—the secret of beneficial association between personalities, engendering spiritual purity, forging a divine selflessness empowered to show mercy, withstand mistreatments, enact with sincere meekness, and loyalty the sublime desire to co-operate with, and to love as the Creator loves, even to an unlovely mankind.

The beatitudes of infinite love discloses the everlasting dominion and rule of the Universal Creator in the acquiescing soul, revealing a spiritual wealth—the love reality of heaven within one’s heart, motivating unshakable faith convictions—true spiritual insight—in a lawful, fraternal, family oriented universe, even the brotherhood of love wherein righteousness reigns, whose battle cry is: peace on earth and goodwill to all; while mightily fostering the preeminent realization and truth of every person being sons and daughters of God; the beatitudes of divine love gives everyone empyrean love treasures, to be profusely shared in godlike measures.