The Joys Of Divine Love

The joys of divine love is intrinsic to the very nature, majesty, and matchless affection of God’s endearing attention, and is the dominate, dynamic, personal attitude, and characteristic in all relations with the universal family. Godly love naturally brings numinous elation, exaltation of good cheer, an uplifting felicity of light-heartedness to one’s being; from the inexpressible devotion, and eternal value showered upon every individual, the love fired soul finds rejoicing response, and resultant high spirits, as the supreme pleasure of receiving our Creator Father-Mother’s ever present, tender loving ministry.

The essentials of infinite love are inspiritingly jubilant, inscribing in the soul a never-ending liveliness of happiness arising from the perfect and perfecting wholesomeness of the Creator’s loving absoluteness, indescribable givenness, and all-embracing mercy of caring graciousness; a thrilling consciousness of God’s lovableness, righteousness, and goodness exalts the heart in venerating joyfulness, when one firsthand feels the indwelling Spirit’s immediate innermost closeness, spreading throughout the self a transcendent gladness of I Am-ness.

The innate inspirational propensity of infinite love—whose omnipresence conveys heavenly exultance and jubilance—gives a aura of radiance to each person’s spiritualizing quintessence; overjoyed with ebullient lovability, the love endowed heart—without end—receives a blissful sustenance, in turn, we are interminably turned on, and spiritually powered in experiencing a rejoicing reverence, concomitantly producing an unabating joyous euphoria, and lovable effervescence.

An immanent attribute of universal love is exhilarated delight, the inherent rapture stemming from God’s most intimate inner-touch, sublime contact, and highly personalized One-in-one relationship overflowing with love creations, stimulating, and producing constant praiseworthy celebration, and spiritual jubilation of the creature-Creator interrelation, in eternal rhapsodic unification of our glorifying interconnection in adoring affiliation of the limitless revelations of the joys of divine love, readily, always at-heart, infusing the soul with the Spirit’s beatitude for every loving application.