Divine Love Is Infinitely Creative

Divine love is infinitely creative in all realms of the imaginative—limitlessly expressive of the altruistically performative, ever heartening one to be endlessly inventive, and ceaselessly innovative in disseminating the qualitative; is supremely positive, faithfully associative, intimately cohesive, and sublimely pervasive throughout the soul; is readily interpretative to directionize, galvanize, realize, actualize, synchronize, and globally collectivize as we become lucrative, proactive, substantive, and lovingly interactive.

Infinite love is a divinely affectionate relative, forever perceptive, redemptive, supportive, intensive, and extensive without being authoritative; is touchingly ministrative in all matters requiring personalities to be ethically communicative; the Spirit of Love is thoroughly integrative, never manipulative, dissociative, or competitive—making all things unloving evaporative—being absolutely attractive, distinctive, attentive, and totally effective, in revealing the Creator’s eternally instructive loving perspective.

Universal love is profoundly persuasive, unboundedly impressive, resoundingly corrective, roundly rehabilitative, groundingly recuperative, astoundingly stimulative of the spiritually transformative; is wonderfully meditative, extraordinarily contemplative, phenomenally balancing, temperately regulative, and wisely consecutive—to that degree, we are lovingly made responsive, productive, and progressive; enamored with true love’s immeasurable assets, our giving expands quantitatively, actually, when shared deliberatively, thus, we grow to be assertive, radiative, and representative in transmitting love affirmatively.

Spiritual love is always demonstrative, illustrative, and emulative of the love of God’s educative, divinest way of being and becoming; as the gospel of love is superconductive, and holy collaborative, we would do well to learn to be deeply imitative. Divine love is infinitely constructive, distributive, revelative, contributive, and generative of truth, beauty, and goodness, it will forever harmonize, revitalize, divinize, and finalize as we take courageous initiative to be fully active, adaptive, intuitive—elective and declarative as a love divine operative.