New Horizons In Divine Love

As we behold and unfold new horizons in divine love a newly revealed teaching is ever reaching to find the willingness of givingness of each and every heart; from the start it imparts universal love as our ever present counterpart. Eternal love is always at the helm of the state-of-the-art—embracing the soul to be creatively loving and superbly whole, moving supernal lovers to embark to make all people the ideal mark, to share every loving spark.

Agape love is invariably up to date determining our immortalizing love-filled fate; Spirit love is always of the latest and greatest, advancing every moment a fresh love quest; at the Creator’s loving behest, for the perfect best, is evolving a supreme plan, purpose, and experiential test for the endearing heart to digest, keep abreast, invest, and lovingly progress; additionally, with each mastered stage of love comes a transformative restorative rest—rejoicing revivals of love tidings ever updating how we are so love-blessed.

Selfless sacred love is the leading-edge of all relations, healing complications, paving the way for newfound sensations of loving obligations fundamental to improved creations of love elations for increasing ministrations; conquering all egocentric temptations, infinite love is consecrated to only love crystallizations, in liaison with all spiritualizing personality formulations.

Deific love is always with and ahead of the times, uniting all minds, freeing everyone from all binds, and outworn paradigms; chimes, and primes the heart for progressive climbs, and designs that aligns, combines, and inclines the being to a new era of symbols and signs that divines a omni-love of eternally infinite kinds. In this day without end, new horizons in divine love sends, attends, and befriends from the very heart-pulse of the God of love, all the way from the love-land of Paradise above.