Sharing The Gifts Of Divine Love

In sharing the gifts of divine love we give from the inexhaustible plentitude of a spiritually vested creative love potency, vitalizing, and presenting true meaning and value in all gifting; every bestowment essentially authenticated, and blessed with endowed celestial love; with outstretched goodwill, and outgoing loving attention, love at-heart is soulfully integrating with divine enthusiasm, benefitting, giving forth, offering, serving; especially inspiring the intelligent extending of the gifts of universal love to the needy.

Divine love bears no shortage, is abundantly availing to all who simply act to sincerely love; the small things in thought, word, and deed compound the bountiful, copious, liberal overflowing of unconditional love, making big, in seeking and finding ways to give amply as directed. In courage, forethought, compassion, empathy, and the awesome inspiration of love, we gift with unstinting open-hearted originality from love’s boundless beneficence, as it wisely guides a godlike generosity.

We endeavor to emulate the loving attitude, divinity, character, and personality of the eternal, universal, absolute, infinite gift Giver; whose love Spirit has come to the home of our heart, to be lovingly enfolded and freely given without division, manipulation, or prejudice; we are entrusted with a sanctified love repleteness, anointed to forward the designs of loving necessity, and led into complete harmony with the magnanimous bidding of love divine.

Godly love thrives in sharing heart to heart, hand to hand, soul to soul, as a result, we prosper our love endowment, which is impossible to deplete, is regenerative in every expression, and paramount to our very survival; for the life of love is indestructible, it is the one thing we always have to give and share, the most precious gift, wherein our quintessence is wrapped and unwrapped for the full enjoyment of all concerned in sharing the gifts of divine love.