The Path Of Love Divine

The path of love divine is spread out before us for all time—we’re being primed for the upward-inward climb; hallowed love is the nature of the way, each and every day, it embodies the substance of the ascendant road, whose guiding directives progressively unfold. We start not walking on this love-sacred ground, in the cold of a planetary track that is unsound, for we are encompassed on all sides by a godly love so profound, ever shepherding all who would follow Paradise bound—the ultimate crown—if we choose to tread with the Spirit of Love, in whose presence every being is most endearingly found.

Never a lost soul upon divine love’s companioned trek, who ever bears the course according to heaven’s spec; every questing pilgrim journeys en hearted, in-step, with infinite love’s finesse, in-prep, at every life station to meet eternal love’s highest leading rep. In the arms of love are we forever kept, if there abide, we learn to accept, and become adept, in perpetuity swept, into the heart of love’s holy grail, arrived enamored by the God of love, whose all-wise, and perfect loving navigations always prevail.

Divine love is innately intimate to our every travel; as we unravel our mounting upon this earthly gravel, our love voyage will constantly dazzle; we may wander for a season, even lose prospective and reason, however, omni-love will unfailingly provide us with spiritual cohesion. Always in our behalf, will sanctified love reveal the logic of our heart-math; as we add and multiply love’s countless stimuli; ever piloted to realties on high, by our precious indwelling Spirit nuclei—heavenly love will exemplify, signify, verify, qualify, justify, identify, and glorify, the trans-universal goal through which our pathways of divine love now behold, extol, uphold, ensoul, unroll, and make bold.