Divine Love Becomes Us

Divine love becomes us, as we embrace her free flow-state, with a non-possessive trust; interrelating without a grasping lust, we are upgraded and updated, into spiritualized conduits, of bona fide, equipoised love flux, gently cascading through the soul, inducing a holy flush, causing a translating nexus in which we joyfully adjust, and avidly must, wholeheartedly love from dawn to dust—how divinely beauteous.

As divine love transforms us, we may soulfully blush, in readily receiving God’s just, love brush, feeling such a healing rush, we may develop an endearing spiritual crush; thus, as we mature in spirit, sensing we could bust, we find creative ways to give with a divinely loving thrust; our love income, morphs into heart rendered outcome, experiencing more energy-plus, as our loving grows into an exuberant serving gush, becoming evermore robust, as our selfish voices have been silenced to a hush.

Accepting divine love as intrinsic to who we be, we more clearly see, how love is our authentic reality, augmenting every aspect of our actuality, shaping, forming, expanding our persons to a tee—even our very personality—freeing the me to encompass the we. O how beautifully, and naturally love feels when shared so graphically. Blending affinity with love divine we foresee, agree, and decree to bring forth a new world overflowing with loving Chi.

In synergy with divine love, harmoniously, peaceably we live, for it has become vitally linked to everything we give. Our change now operates on an extended range of planetary communal function; at every junction, we’ve shifted from a egoistic consumption, into a person to person loving gumption; blessed are we to obtain divine love’s universal unction, as we swing into the orbit of a most loving sister-brotherly global conjunction.