A World Declaration Of Divine Love

May divine love be the centering, sustaining, stabilizing, true heart connection of all peoples of the world, bridging every soul over the troubled waters of all that is ungodly, and unloving between us.

May the affectionately enveloping, activating presence of love divine be allowed to prove our integrated truth, irreplaceable shared value, and present all souls as necessary, essential participates in the precious body of humanity.

May the numinous, effulgent light of the Spirit of Love lift all veils, heal all that separates the depths of our real interconnection, proving the unmistakable beauty that we are as a planetary family lovingly united.

May our soul’s soar on the heavenly currents of universal love over the infertile feelings of uprooted yesterdays, ever galvanized, and empowered into the creative, unbounded spiritual intimacies of love-joys revealed, worldwide respect sealed, and earth harmony fulfilled.

May divine love be given its rightful place in our lives, enthroned forever within each and every heart, wherefrom, now, and henceforth, we speak, fellowship, and have our being, righteously acting in loving relation with each, and everyone under the sun.

May the peace, and pristine presence of God’s love be breathed deeply between us, wherein the blossoming fragrances, and overflowing elixirs of ubiquitous happiness transforms all lovelessness into the exquisite harmonies of sweet loving oneness of sister-brotherhood—one-world joined together in fraternal unitary service.

May our essences emerge continually through our soul-eyes to embrace, and reveal the rich flowering bouquet of agape love, that sparkle of humanitarian vision we see as we look within the other, sending us straight to those lavish floral gardens of fruitful love, overspreading throughout mankind as a outgrowth of the oneness of our realized inmost divinest truth.

May we take wing and wed the wonders of infinite love in our lives, being, and becoming ascendant, kindred soul companions, unfolding into natures kiss, and cosmic bliss, our paths entwined toward that central shining beckoning us onward, and inward until we stand perfected in collective union within the glorious bosom of eternal love itself; of these times—presently—we live amicably, victoriously, and globally consecrated, triumphant of a Love Supreme, in a world of enlightened goodwill, spiritual light, and altruistic life without end, now, and forevermore.