Gratitude Born Of Divine Love

Gratitude born of divine love, is the responding attitude of the heart as it receives that eternal life giving infusion of love direct from the inspiring, transformative, entwining, affectionate espousal of God within—unreserved, unceasing, always increasing. As one, and all are so gently, mercifully, tenderly actualized by loving grace, and divine embrace, we melt into a joy filled, love tilled yield, and consecrating reaction; hence, beholden our Creator’s love we crave to share our heart, not in part, but in the wholeheartedness of mutuality; for the unspeakable love we feel, we thankfully praise with a holy zeal.

Thankfulness, thanksgiving, and reverent adoration bears the soul’s response to a love not of this world, yet is transforming everyone in it, even to life and light, where divine love will rule with loving might, spirit sight, and what is divinely right in creation of the blessed, beautiful, beloved community of earth, thus our thanking, motivates our spiritual ranking, as we rise in complementing God’s infinite love.

Gratefulness becomes us as we respond in kind to the enveloping, loving, valuing, treasuring nature of the Universal Father’s all-love, Eternal Mother’s all-mercy, and the Infinite Spirit’s all-ministry of combined love, wherefrom, we are conceived, and anointed in that perfect, and wondrous investment in our forever oath of spiritual growth; accordingly, we are moved so deeply in and by our universe and universal Divine Parents, so intimately, and personally, that we erupt into a glorifying, uncontainable gratitude as we are filled with the touching realization of the lovable personification of God’s personality of love.

In exalting acknowledgment, extolling appreciation, and loving veneration we recognize, and soulfully internalize, the tremendous giving of our beloved Creator’s divine labors of love in our behalf; from the complete, replete, absolute bestowal of God’s divinely caring Spirit—even our very personality—that we may perfectly attain the God of love; henceforth, and forevermore causing the heart to burn with the flaming desire of reciprocating spiritual affection, even now supremely emerging, converging, and being ardently expressed as that indescribable lauding, praising, ceaseless thanksgiving, and gratitude born of divine love.