Loving Divinely

Loving divinely is eternally timely, as we ever so sublimely learn to free, our Creator’s indwelling, out-welling, enveloping love reality; forever we’re divinely loved to spiritually see, how the central key to all of our relations ought to be, thankfully, this is our endowed Spirit actuality, whereby, as we more perfectly soulfully agree, we pass around love with increasing glee, now inaugurating a union of loving souls, a veritable planetary jubilee.

Divinely loving will always most assuredly bring, our love-joy of heart, to faithfully, and devoutly sing, to each other the enshrining central shining of the everywhere present Lord of love’s spirit fusing ring; now as love in us take wing, we inwardly, ascendingly swing, making sure with God’s spiritual essence we always cling, because divine love is the world’s greatest thing; the life of true love is definitely not a temporal fling, for everyone is forever valued even beyond a queen or king, because we are sons and daughters of a love Supreme.

Lovingly, divinely, collectively, we exchange personally, relationally, spontaneously, a newfound symbology, an epochal liturgy as a shared ministry of God’s will manifesting experientially, as the core expression of being a part of the Creator’s universal family tree; loving one another of necessity, becomes our daily decree of shared creativity, done with mounting gaiety, wonderfully, beautifully, extraordinarily, exceptionally, phenomenally, strikingly, Christly; O how, kindly, respectfully, and selflessly we act Godly in loving divinely.