Celebrating Divine Love

Celebrating divine love, we marvel with rejoicing wonder, as it leads, feeds, and ushers us into the first jubilee, bringing to light that we are lavishly accredited for eternal life, while inspiring us to seal the deal in liaison with the Infinite; to become progressively real in the Supreme’s universal field, we choose to partake of heavens meal, that forever heals, and now reveals life everlasting, without fasting, only tasking that love be given for the living.

The joyfulness of Mother Supreme is jubilant throughout the earth, as her children secures that agreement with the Universal Father for spiritual birth; with love-hearted, cheerful decision we’re awakening, and rising up from planetary confusion, en route to eternal fusion.

Rejoicement fills the air with the fresh, vital presence of divine love, as we applaud the splendidly intimate, loving fellowship of the glorious Spirit in our midst. The promising, inspirited providence of the Supreme Soul, inspires the receptive heart toward the highest goal. The spiritual heart of the ensouled children of God is abloom with jubilation of the Creator’s superlative loveliness, which draws us ever closer to our Eternal Mother’s life sustaining heavenly bosom.

We are celebrating the numinous love of God the Supreme, having a divinely good time, overjoyed, while spreading the beatific feelings of spiritual ecstasy. The enkindling mirth of the Spirit is the ultimate release, and wellspring of true laughter, this moment uplifting our hearts to the highest spheres of happiness.

Nirvanic love is ministering within us now, let us enter the gladness thereof, and bring the fruits of this love rejoicing adoration into daily rapture—paying homage to our Divine Mother, as she is gifting to all, one-love—in collaborative celebration with the all-pervading joys of the Supremacy of divine love.