The Gospel Of Divine love

The gospel of divine love rains from the Supreme, making all welcoming, showered souls divinely serene; as the Spirit of Love is joyfully received, one is spiritually anointed, and most lovingly appointed to serve in circulating this new testament of God’s infinite circle of love, moreover, we are baptized candidates for eternal life direct from the Creator’s heart above.

The supernal teaching of divine love reveals the nature of God conjoined with idyllic peace, and with this love ethic on the increase, love is found flourishing throughout the lives of all faith-ers who embrace, and broadcast this insuperable love as eminently true, ever opening the way for all things divinely new.

Divine love is the ancestor of all spiritual goodness, the essence of the truthful and the beautiful, ever leading with perfect, and experiential wisdom all souls to be righteous and just, endowing every being with the inspiration to sagaciously trust. This universal love gracefully consecrates all who seek, especially the meek, making everyone’s existence pricelessly replete.

As the message of love communes and divines the soul, it supercharges our life to progressively unfold; this omni-love sustains all, and lifts every being up from the material crawl. While these glad tidings of divine love prevails in each of us who becomes heartfully aware, humanely care, and ever willing to lovingly share, we concurrently experience that mighty liberation from the shackles of fear.

The good news of love divine lightens the burdens of life on earth, transforming all mortals into an immortal birth, for the Father-Motherhood of God makes for our eternity; presently, this revealed edict of love upgrades the Golden Rule, establishing the tenets of the sister-brotherhood of humanity with sovereign certainty, as an everlasting creedal faith for a new era of enlightened modernity.