The Proliferation Of Divine Love

The proliferation of divine love is predicated on the fact, and nature of true love, which is outgoing in all its satisfaction-seeking, alive, free, always moving, dynamic, compelling in power, never self-seeking, thrives in unselfish bestowal, cannot be captured, nor imprisoned, impels one to give, is truly contagious, infectious, and eternally creative.

Divine love increases, multiples, accrues, maximizes, intensifies, outspreads; is the highest motivation in all relationships, the secret of beneficial association between personalities, the desire to do good to others, the genuine life-blood of service, seeks the welfare of everyone, is the basis of fraternal affection, expands in the unification of loving togetherness, and the shared harmony of oneness.

Divine love constitutes the fact of supreme relationship between every personality in universal existence; the reality of the total, the spirit of true religion, and the wellspring of superior civilization, engendering the highest concept of respect, and devotion, is all-embracing of truth, beauty, and goodness, is ever adaptive; actually forgives wrongs, absorbs, and destroys hate, evil, and sin.

The indwelling Spirit individualizes the love of God in each soul; as we rejoin, and yield to divine love, we discover the matchless affection, and inexpressible generosity of the loving essence of the Supreme, which glorifies, and illuminates each member of the human family, sharply silhouetting the unique nature of every being, strikingly portraying the unparalleled value of each person.

God’s most intimate inner contact, so highly personal, is a love that utterly eclipses all other facts, sweeping irresistibly, and directly through the heart. This limitless, stupendous affection, puts forth a love call, that moves one and all to an awakening response to spiritually love, thus, by necessity we proliferate divine love, in creation of a benevolent society of loving solidarity.


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