The Spiritual Sunrise Of Divine Love

The spiritual sunrise of divine love gives the first light of the sweet morning of joyous living, and enlightened giving, with Seraphic angelic choirs making rejoicing appearance, singing praises to the God of love; for the rapture, and glory of the Divinest Person descends upon the children of earth, tuning the hearts of all to the pitch of existential love.

Every moment is rising to overflowing, with worshipful love chants, and a celebratory thankfulness of global heart rhythms, resonating in unison, eternalizing to the infinite melodies of a love supreme; and with modulating intensity, as daybreak unfolds, celestial song birds fill the air with the music of the spheres. Presently, the people of the earth are rising up, reveling in concert, as the epic rhapsody of divine love raves through every heart, and is now primetime—the hour of light and love has come!

In this new day, unadulterated love awakens us to a more elevated key-tone in which to tune our souls; this mighty ascendancy, and undiluted love current, is sounding the onset of a new dispensation, an age of enveloping, escalating, advancing love activities, ever protecting, and freeing all minds from the dark cold nights of life, until every being lauds unencumbered, extolling, acclaiming, and glorifying our revered Maker.

This auspicious, mounting hour, harkens to the divine affections of our beloved Heart Master of absolute love, forever making it impossible to remain asleep one minute longer; this momentous advent is love triumphant, in which our Universal Creator holds back nothing—excepting for our capacity—to array us with unending, unmitigated love. A bright new future has dawned, bringing on the spiritual sunrise of divine love. Hallelujah!!!


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