The Reciprocation Of Love Divine

The reciprocation of love divine occurs as a spontaneous, wholesome, spiritually intuitive, soul response to the omni-personal love vibrating through the hearts of the children of creation, in reception to the enkindling love of our Universal Father-Mother Creators, revealing the sister-brotherhood of humanity, even the Family of God.

Our Spirit genesis, and soul emergence, is gently beckoning us to the full adoration, endearment, fondness, intimate heartfelt closeness, and warm assurances of our Divine Parents, henceforth, we behold the exceedingly far-reaching love engendered in our personalizing, abiding Spirit, ordained, and anointed upon our souls from the Luminous Persons of our divine parentage, now potentializing our loving union for eternal actualization.

Thus, as we respond in kind to our inception of divine love, we endeavor to glorify our Infinite love givers, our heavenly Progenitors. In affectionate liaison we’re becoming upright, perfecting descendants—faith sons and daughters—of our divine parentage of existential Paradise Ancestors, and in loving embrace with our perfect forbears, we are in perpetuity, ascended to the divine heights of glory.

Our requited love wells up in the heart a growing praise of acknowledgement, the recognitions of thanksgiving, transcendent adoration, grateful veneration, a joy-filled cherishing, a beholden reverence, a Creator-creature complementation of everlasting mutuality; corresponding in spiritual likeness, we exemplify the master pattern of divined love through reaching out and touching our universe of sisters and brothers in loving kindness, compassionate service, unstinting altruism, benevolent selflessness of fellow-feeling, and I-am-other-consciousness—we are born to reciprocate love divine.