The Revelatory Tome Of Divine Love

The revelatory tome of divine love originates from the Author and Creator of love, who has written the definitive, all-purpose, all-encompassing, perennial heart-book of love, creating those living pages depicting, and revealing a numinous love actuality, embosomed, imbuing, hugging all creation, being the veritable love primer for every soul.

The Divine Parent’s sacred scriptures of beatific love is inscribed upon the hearts of all God’s children, wherefrom, at any given moment the healing words, disclosures, directives, teachings, guidance, edicts, and lessons of paradisical love can be read, shared, and lived, enabling the very basis of spiritual literacy.

The Creator’s divine text contains the unfading epochal revelations of absolute, virtuous, righteous, wholesome, irreproachable, hallowed love, imprinted, and immortalized in the sanctum of every soul. Within the reach of intention exist, and lives, in and through every heart the dynamic impress of the Spirit’s library, eternally proliferating God’s sanctified love source, ever made actively available for the giving.

May we become divinely educated in partnership with the exalted teachings of the Spirit of Truth on how to live a life of unqualified loving; experientially, now reading from the very universal manuscript of God’s sacrosanct love informing the heart, we are shown the ways to enact conscious-love straight out of the revelatory tome of divine love, to be publicized, promulgated, and broadcast to all the world. May we be everlasting subscribers, promoters, activist, and revelationist of the living book of heavenly love.