The Immanence Of Divine Love

The immanence of divine love fills the universe of universes, all worlds, and beings with exhilarating joy, eternally respirating all inner and outer space with divine happiness. Our Universal Heart of hearts shares with us a supremely transcendent intimacy, an unparalleled personalizing love for each and every individual, infusing all souls with overflowing divine affection.

Immanent love-divine bears a paradisiacal attraction replete with spiritual charm, whose matchless beauty suffuses the living panorama of reality with a divinely romantic love allure of the highest order, sweeping every man, woman, and child into relations replica of those warm interconnecting devotions ever revealing and substantiating God’s loving nature, divine manner, and tenderhearted attitude toward all creation—the very spirit of universal ethics.

Love vibrations from on high are gently evoking in us sublime responses, stimulating supernal feelings of divine assurance, without fail benevolently beckoning the soul ever closer to the realization and actualization of a wholehearted outgoing godly affection, and respect for life, and every personality, making for an exceedingly close affinity of spiritual kinship of all people, for all time.

Infinite love carries the promise of an everlasting life of boundless love in all relations, moreover, from the love capped mount of spiritual glory, perpetually issuing from the bosom of God’s supremely loving, love saturated Original Personality, descends the baptism of the pure holy waters of living love, immersing reality, and all who may so thirst thereof—especially those devotees willing to circulate love near and far, and surely all those desiring to be inseparable companions of the immanence of divine love.