Divine Love Quickens The Heart

Divine love quickens the heart to strive incessantly to increasingly amalgamate human with spiritual affections, inspiring us to endeavor to love past our assorted comfort zones, and encouraging us to step over the dead weight of fear and doubt, which is presently, effectively absorbed and transformed by true love—in light of our reciprocal embrace.

Spiritized love is becoming steadily experiential as the acme of reality. It is the propelling power of spiritual love now accelerating the inseparable bonds of God’s loving affiliation, which is efficiently keeping humanity from completely retrogressing into heartlessness—and with unremitting invigoration, the high-spirited omnipresence of love, henceforward, more fully emerges, and galvanizes the supreme connection of all people.

Universal love requires one condition: to receptively receive and freely give. It is the personal empathic intimacy of godly love that make all genuine relationships have lasting value. Agape love lives as an indomitable wonder within every person, whose awakening, rousing ministrations, warms the heart through the sometime cold nights of existence, ever firing up the soul for selfless service, proceeding in transmission, and circulation to the whole of the human family.

Infinite love is perfect, infallible, marred by nothing except one who outright chooses to reject it. It makes all the struggles of living and growing in this world and beyond, meaningful and worthwhile. Idyllic love is the vision, goal, work, study, mission, re-creation, and crowning achievement of all sincere efforts belonging to the God-conscious—divine love quickens the heart of all welcoming beings on earth as it is in heaven.