The Gift Of Divine Love

The gift of divine love surrounding and wrapped in our body of being requires liberation from containment to be activated, actualized, and attuned for the creative giving necessary for its full function, and reception of its manifold blessings; as love passes through us to others the Essence of Infinity expands the personality, and enlarges the heart’s capacity to more perfectly and divinely love.

Universal love is a gift of the Spirit sent from the First Great Source and Creative Center of love, this ever flowing love-actuality is creating an advent of big-hearted liberal love givers keyed to the enlightened enactments of loving interactions, opening ways for love’s pure preciousness to touch affectionately the heartstrings of all interrelations, enabling the wonders of divine love to harmonize the hearts of all the world.

May we open our gift of divine love now, this very moment, as we are, it takes no special knowledge or ritual to qualify just a willing open heart supported by sensible actions of loving faith. Only we can set free love from its indwelling so it can outspread into what it is meant to be—the unifier and soul of living truth, divine goodness, and spiritual beauty.

Discover the priceless contents of the living treasure of infinite love, entrusted as a sacred dynamic presence placed in our care, for it comes from the highest heaven replete with immense potentials as we release the gifted essence of love from its throbbing enclosure that it may shine brightly for all to see, and feel. We are all worthy, therefrom, in thankfulness and joy, may we unseal the greatest benefaction of all time, and realize the miraculous bestowal of the Universal Creator’s gift of divine love.