The Voice Of The Spirit Of Love

The voice of the Spirit of Love declares, proclaims, and ministers to and through our personality-essence divine pronouncements of God’s loving presence. Divine orations of a transcendent peace fills the ear of the soul, reaching the depths of the heart with heavenly utterances conveying the reality of beingness as the true center of lovingness.

The Spirit of Love holds forth directing charitable, altruistic, acts of sharing, caring, and the righteous bearing of unselfish inspired-actions, leading one to the profoundly intimate, deeply gratifying experience of loving and being loved. Love divine lives, loves through and as us; for it is forever so, we are not for one moment without love, nor the capacity to love.

God’s Spirit of Love is perfect, absolute, and replete, divinely demonstrated, expressed, and showered upon all souls that we may in turn give body to love as we receive and impart love’s commandment to: uplift, encourage, inspire, serve, heal, motivate, regenerate, educate, liberate, and eternally emulate the Spirit of Love—our path of salvation and deliverance into the eternal safe keeping of infinite love.

The Spirit of Love coordinates, unites, and guides humanity into the realization of a collective heart of hearts revealing the family of God, and our divine kinship with all beings. The unconquerable truth and living power of divine love ministry, whose voice the Spirit of Love reverberates throughout the planet, is literally, proactively, transforming all the world, even the universe, and everyone in it.