The Precious Beauty Of Divine Love

The precious beauty of divine love most lovingly radiates from the depths of our spiritual heart, generating throughout the being a most beautiful attraction of spirit. The divine affection of the Infinite Spirit’s mercy and ministry of applied love, gently bespeaks the ascendancy of loving support and power, mobilizing our lives with numinous revelations of beatific grace, and truth.

We live, move, and have our being within the cherished ambience, treasured atmosphere, and adored presence of infinite love, whose loveliness, and heavenliness is the godly milieu at the heart of our being. The touching enclasp of the Spirit of Love prevails upon us with inexpressible generosity; for a divine lover hailing from the very source of eternal love, now come, adorning life with qualities of compelling holiness, setting our hearts aglow with the halo of divine light and love.

Hallowed be the reality of divine love, God’s presence has come to the hearth of our hearts, stirring eternal flames of love, warming the soul toward its divine goal, that we may through faith make the nearest and dearest approach to God by and through love. As we fully partake of the loving nature and goodness of God, love becomes truly contagious and eternally creative in all our relations.

The eternalizing powers of love divinely placed within our souls reveals the tender nature, and far-reaching idealism of divine love. The majesty of God’s love glorifies every child of the Creator, bringing into being the family of God; an all-powerful love sweeps irresistibly through the soul awakening one to the limitless affection of the Universal Father-Mother-God whose love is our central truth, the very source of the precious beauty of infinite love.