The Beloved And Betrothed Spirit Of Divine Love

The beloved and betrothed spirit of divine love may seem veiled in our interior sanctuary of the soul, yet she is always visible and readily espoused to the loving heart. Fully engaged in the promise of eternal weddedness, and subsequent to the heart’s everlasting pledge of holy matrimony, divine love vows inseparable companionship.

Divine love yearns for the eternal union of her spirit with the cherished soul, to be fused forever with the betrothed heart, made indivisible, and indissoluble. Our beloved Creator has initiated a divine romance of the ages, inaugurating a heavenly courtship and consummate oneness all the way to the timeless glories of the Isle of Paradise and beyond. God has come to each person to offer the ultimate partnership of an immortal life of love to all who would accept the supreme proposal of God’s loving hand for eternity.

Divine love is the perfect mate bestowing the exemplary gift of love to everyone willing to forever end their loneliness and become joined, bonded, integrated into a singleness of love wholeness—the Universal Creator has come to the home of our heart ending our spiritual solitude, leading us into the sacred wedlock of eternal fusion as sanctified complements, and most loving intimates.

Now the supreme choice, and utmost decision is before us, to accept the proposed undying love of God with a wholehearted yes, in solemn oath; vowed in everlasting togetherness, wedded in unending covenant, married in deathless unity, divine love becomes our imperishable counterpart, and perfectly matched divine consort, eternally yoked are we with the beloved and betrothed spirit of divine love.