May We Speak The Language Of Divine Love

May we speak the language of divine love, translating the affectionate voice of divinity into the beauty-filled tongue of love, that our words may be symbols of loving endearment, alive with the Spirit of Truth, transmitting the very Spirit of Love—analogous to the imbibing of a pristine spring whose refreshing goodness revives the whole person.

May divine love be the chosen vocalization of the heart, ever flowing with regenerative utterances revelatory of divine illumination, that our souls may perceive and express the cosmic language, the tongue of the universe, the matchless disseminations of Supreme love now come to be the voice of choice, our bearing for every sharing, intelligently, and sincerely communicated in the very spirit of goodwill, charity of heart, benevolence, kindness, mercifulness, magnanimity, and sister-brotherhood service.

May we become gracefully eloquent in conversing the grandeur, and glory of divine love, becoming her champion, mouthpiece, and very representatives, declaring her pronouncements throughout the land—even every personal interchange—ever encompassing the growing oneness of God, self, and all others—in love, with love, through love—bringing forth the realization of a sister-brotherly love of universal proportions.

May God’s love become our exalted mother-tongue ever broadcasting, and publishing the heart of the Eternal, establishing the soul of love as the prevailing spirit for all time. Divine love, now revealed, verbalized, and enacted  here, there, and everywhere, evolving into the creative intimacy, sacred core, and altruistic center of our cultural, ethical, spiritual, and social relationships as we learn to speak the language, and wholly embody as a matter of fact, the very actuality of divine love.