The Edenic Garden Of Divine Love Within

The edenic garden of divine love within reveals the heavenly estate of God’s Paradise presence, just beyond the seeming boundary of mind lie the infinite and eternal gardens of love filled with spiritually fragrant joy, and the exquisite blossoming of the glorious rich colors of truth. This breathtaking botany of God brings into our lives the prolific beauty of divine love giving us immediate access to God’s loving companionship.

Our interior heart-scape is infused with the affectionate nature of God’s divinity, the air of our soul is saturated with our Maker’s loving warmth—the very inspirited oxygen of life, available to all through loving faith. Blessed are those that enter the spiritual Eden within and partake of its flowering grandeur, and botanical glories, for surely this is the Elysian Fields of heaven’s haven of love for the living and the giving.

Within our very personhood is a derivative of the magnificence of Paradise, wherein, can be found the spiritual splendor and living substance of divine love, and the very essence of the spirit of God. Within the garden of God the Creator plants his divine life of love, ever watering the soul with love divine that we may proliferate into the loveliest of beings.

The edenic garden of divine love leads us to eat of the tree of life that we may live abundantly forevermore. Suffused and overflowing with God’s love we are heartily energized; with all one’s heart, and with great relish, we dare to share the copious fruits of spirit-love, inspiring others to embody the heart-land promise—unending love, moreover, we are made anew in the very likeness and lovingness of our Creator as we partake in the edenic garden of divine love within.


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