Divine Spirit Pervades The Heart With Boundless Love

Divine Spirit pervades the heart with boundless love, inasmuch as we may or may not be aware of this love bequest, this very inheritance of love is in itself capacity enlarging—enhancing, expanding, increasing our feeling, and amplifying our revealing of this awe-inspiring and wondrous reality. Divine Spirit makes love beautifully discernible, magnificently learnable, always available, exceedingly tangible, and deeply palpable—may we enthrone love in the soul and freely give it right of way through our lives, everyday with every word we say, and every act we display.

Accompanying divine love is the spirit of wisdom and truth that we may afford the light of intelligence in all our lovingness toward others, as we learn to cleanse our hearts of any impurities that may distort, or delude us from more sincerely rendering ourselves as consummate channels for wholehearted, unreserved, unconditional bestowals of love in thoughtfulness, fellow-feeling, and compassionate initiatives.

The Divine Spirit of love reaches us anew through every open-hearted choice of loving expression with its immeasurable blessings, transformative power, and love induced revelations—may we ardently, with spirit-fire, demonstrably prove that divine love is the greatest thing in the world, even the universe.

The path of divine love is outstretched before us, coming and going round the circle of eternity in infinite waves pulsing to the universal rhythm of the Creator’s heart—following the example of God’s loving touch, and divine affection we in turn share love with God and all others, thus embracing the heart of God’s will—as Divine Spirit pervades our heart with boundless love, we’re becoming divinely heartened receivers and givers of the thrilling presence of the Creator’s love.


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