The Spirit Of Divine Love Is Upon Us

The spirit of divine love is upon us, may we deeply welcome it in our life, as we willingly, passionately, and with great generosity learn the godliness of love sharing, opening ourselves with compassionate gentleness to increasingly embrace love with diminishing encumbrance.

The spirit of divine love strives to free us from the tight grasp of self-love, as we in turn endeavor to soulfully, and spiritually emancipate true love into the environs of wherever we may perchance find ourselves, for the soul yearns, craves, hungers to emulate the love of God.

The spirit of divine love synergistically harmonizes, unifies, actualizes, expresses goodwill, imparting the divine flavor of universal ethics—may we be found with volitionally joyful inclination, acquiescent to love’s quest to be unfettered, and liberated into our daily lives, as the creative assertions of our personality give unique demonstration to the ways of spiritual loving.

May we engender the unconditional aptitude and attitudes of loving service with devotional ministrations as sacraments of being—taking after God, that the spirit of divine love may speak through us its beautiful, healing, uplifting voice to be heard by all we may be so blessed to associate with near and far.

The spirit of divine love is an unceasing revelation of our beloved Creator, therefore, we in kind as sons and daughters of God are gradually, heartfully, responding and seeking to become as our Divine Parent, for true love is what all the world longs for and needs, thus may we excel as worthy contributors to the transformation of our planetary family—even the sisterhood and brotherhood of man—in liaison with the spirit of divine love at once upon us.


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