The Sublime Ministry Of Divine Love

The sublime ministry of divine love is heralding the end to all forms of lovelessness, ushering in a new more enlightened era of dynamic love, profusely establishing the influx and efflux of agape love in every soul. The heavenly purity, universal beauty, supreme goodness, and cosmic truth of altruistic love is removing the crude distortions of self-centered love, as the true lovers of the world awaken—having been won by the empyrean cause of nirvanic love.

The wounded hearts of humanity are now being duly healed by love triumphant, as the clouded skies of misunderstood or lost love evaporates before the central shining of spiritual luminosity, presently, victoriously shedding the divine glory, and holy touch of the three-fold light of God’s divinely affectionate, and eternally warm, love-light upon all.

The darkness of what love is not is being dispelled from the multitudes, as we are shone brightly anew in the processional of realities of living love ministering to the souls of the masses, as the choice of love becomes fundamental to mankind—increasingly, gracefully, and gloriously flowing through the heart-streams of the God conscious, as the universal heartbeat of supreme-love-value personalizes in each person toward every other.

The epochal day is dawning, wherein love is no longer marred by animal tendencies, and perversions of the heart, for the supernal ministry and creative industry of divine love fills all vacuities of the soul, and has given the fullness of itself as an exclusive portion of love for us to shape, share, and serve, as we discover, recover, and bless one another with the beatitudes of God’s love through the sublime ministry of divine love.


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