Divine Love Offers Her Very Life

Divine Love offers her very life to avail her love, a love bestowal revealing the spirit presence of our Universal Father-Supreme Mother God. Her nature cannot contain love for such is not her makeup—only to give and give without reservation is of her everlasting inherent essence, for she is the absolute love potential and actuality encircling eternity—all exist within her as she lives in all.

Divine Love won’t restrain her untold heart-vision of infinite and eternal love, and anyone’s uncertainty concerning her can not intimidate her utopian desire and paradisical expression of universal love, for she is the personification of true love whose inborn beingness works through her every sublime, and divine caress. Moreover, Divine Love proclaims, enfolds, actualizes the perfect embrace of the very love she embodies without qualification of person.

Divine Love is like no other in all the universe of universes, for God made her out of his very heart to love the totality of reality embracing all beings forevermore. Divine Love animates and inspires her vibrational quintessence of matchless giving, for she is Divine Love from which her spirit expresses the spiritual treasure of incomparable love beyond measure—her love spreads and spreads with impossibility of end.

God is Divine Love’s beloved source and center-core, and infinitely more, therefore, her love is unconquerable, inexhaustible, and unceasing. May we do ourselves an eternal favor and choose her love to love, for the day will surely come when Divine Love will alight and be made known within every heart with graceful ease, ready to love, serve, and please, as Divine Love offers us her very life.


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