We Are Conduits Of Divine Love

We are conduits of divine love, conducting love-energy by choosing to direct it, by allowing its loveliness to remain ever present, creatively enhancing, and always moving. Our opening to spiritized love-energies is empowering, making us most alive, vital, inspired, radiant, and serviceable.

Divine love goes before us leading the way through and beyond all pain, all inner-outer circumstances of life, propelled with eternal momentum. Love-energy—affected by our sincere-hearty-response-ability—ever awaits receptivity, and expressibility, which determines its level of effectivity.

Divine love flows into the shape and mold of our intent, thoughts, emotions, beliefs—informing-performing creation, crystallizing love fluidity, flexibility, and amenability—moving through our affectionate acts—is ever yielding, as we become increasingly adept at freely sharing the innate spiritual properties of God’s love-energy, and transmuting this virtual substance of life into manifest creation—co-creating in liaison with this vital reality—living love on a higher octave, wherein, our increased rate of loving vibrations create such lovely, lovable goodwill, regard, benevolence, demonstrative of the heart of God.

Moreover, divine love is leading us by gradual steps of unselfish experiences, to more fully explore, open, receive, and unreservedly give love—inspiring us to be clearer, purer, more conscious lovers in relationship with the Universal Creator of love. May we actualize—as conductors, transmitters, cooperatively—releasing mounting love-energy, resonating expansively a love-spiritedness throughout our being to all beings, thus mightily freeing the spiritual power of love—we’re conscious conduits, soul agencies, progressively spreading divine love, remaking, and transforming the world, now, and forevermore. Amen!


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