Divine Love Is Music To The Soul

Divine love is music to the soul, endowing each person with an incomparable, non duplicative, unique, gift song to live and give. Singing arias within the holy showers of God’s love we are baptized every moment with divine affection—refreshed, revitalized, regenerated, renewed in the Holy Spirit.

Divine love, God’s love, accompanies us through every trial, and tribulation as we practice and rehearse, for the stages on high, preparatory for our advancing careers as innertainers of the spirit, serving performances of creative love to all we may perchance have loving audience, as God’s love inspires us to untold heights of spiritual glory.

Divine love is the great show of the way to attain the purpose and goals of lives ever tuning to the keys of loving perfection, in concert with the will of God—the call and response to the yearning of the heart to fulfill divine attunement, for such is the root chord harmonizing the true foundation of the symphony of all relations.

Divine love is our surround sound, we are moving and having our being in its heavenly rhythm, whose melodious source of paradisiacal beauty is everlasting, and perfect, our lyrical pattern for which we ever intone, and vocalize in praise and thanksgiving, in jubilation, celebrating the universal ideal of a love Supreme.

Divine love gives eternal composition to our souls as we become love-songs for God, pleasing the heart of God with worshipping hymns, glorifying God with airs of spiritualized sonic soul vows of sacred service, for our souls divinely filled music is the breath of God’s love singing to and through us.