The Vibrant Warmth Of Divine Love

The vibrant warmth of divine love rays in upon us, permeating, imbuing, transfusing our soul essence  to the very core—unwavering, unrestrained, unqualified in its embrace, whose radiant presence affectionately touches, effusing, emanating into the depths of our inner parts, and settling into the heart, therein, opening, and activating further our reception of light and life.

Divine love unconditionally, perfectly, shines on all irrespective of person—from the bosom of God it omni-directionally travels light years through time and space overcoming all obstacles until it reaches the citadel of every soul, filling it to overflowing with divine delight. Silent, steady, pure waves of divine love now bathes our world with sheer, resplendent, effulgence.

The eternal sun of divine love provides an even greater luminosity within every soul, gleaming spirit light throughout the being, it is the very presence of the God of love, bearing, bringing a heavenly warmheartedness, it emits divine sweetness, ardently sparking the personhood with the illustrious  blazing of God’s spiritual glory, setting our inner-self divinely aglow.

We are the dawning sons and daughters of God, the rising lights of the Creator’s infinite love, whose hallowed incandescence glistens within all—forthwith, we are so endowed to confidently beam auric radiance, personality luminescence, inspired love—infused, inspirited, we emerge reverent, godlike lovers, made in the image of God’s love, divinized progeny exuding adoration, set alight, and at one with the vibrant warmth of divine love.