Divine Love Never Diminishes

The Universal Creator never diminishes the outpouring of divine love. God’s tremendous eternal output of divine loving forever distinguishes him as the fountainhead, First Great Source and Center of love, endearing all persons of his vast family of relationships throughout creation.

The all-encompassing Creator at no time decreases his love giving nature. His love remains forever inexhaustible, unconditional, perfect, absolute, replete, and total—always exempt of any form of selfishness. God endows love to a  well-nigh infinite array of personalities in the widespread, and far-reaching universes. Divine love is the ethical, social, living dynamic, and modus operandi for all interchanges of beings high and low.

God’s love is the connective essence of all true interactions between persons, spirits (sons and daughters of God)—the nucleus of joy, goodness, beauty, truth, service, faith, and peace, is manifest in and through the hearts of his countless children as they likewise in turn love others. Agape love is intrinsic to the ascendant journey of the soul, attendant with ever more progressive bestowals of love, as the same is vested in one’s fellows—without which life would be unbearable.

The Universal Father’s love is always present, ever giving as much as each person’s capacity to receive and also give. The Eternal Mother’s love is ever expanding, engulfing, saturating the heart and soul of everyone, especially those who share in the indomitable, divine affection of our love dominated Creator—with all mind, body, and soul. And so it is, Agape (divine love) is the undiminishable, ever augmenting way, truth, light, and life!