Channels Of Divine Love

Channels of divine love descending from the heart of the Creator, through realms of heavens, spheres of light,  and higher beings of loving ministry—touching, and drawing all to God’s Paradise bosom. Not one can escape the beauty, goodness, and truth of divine love. It sweeps the universe of universes, and the circle of eternity—a pulsing spirited love flow, bearing the wholehearted infinite warmth of the Universal Father for all creation.

Godlike celestial spirit’s—living conduits of divine love—transmit endearing affection to every soul—applying, and revealing the spiritual essence of all true relationships. The universal outpouring of love cannot be terminated or deactivated, for it is the foundation of joy, the very nature of God, who is the everlasting heartbeat of love-divine.

Invite divine love into your heart, and host the very indwelling presence of God. Love others and be a growing-glowing recipient of one of God’s greatest blessings. Neither stall, nor shun, for divine love is loving you, sharing its ubiquitous gift without judgement—only love. Suppress not yourself with lovelessness—come alive, and rise with love, becoming a spiritualizing divine lover, inspiring the creative poetics of living love—sharing with all, a dynamic love-poem-song of being-hood.

Divine love is the way, path, means, approach, practice, entrance, goal, and destiny, of God’s own—the unconquerable reality, the need of every person, even the whole of the world. Living the golden rule—loving one another—we are transformed personalities, reborn souls, mediums, vehicles, instruments, channels of divine love.