From The Highest Heaven Divine Love Descends

From the highest heaven—the Eternal Isle of Paradise—to the lowest finite earth, an unbroken stream of divine light, life, and love unceasingly pours into our hearts. Never is this continuity of the Creator’s love stoppable, nor will it ever come to a halt. The divine love of God is eternally, infinitely, supremely pervasive, ever establishing itself more perfectly in our soul—as one is increasingly apt to receive and give it.

A limitless procession of Divine Spirits goes forth from the heart of the Creator, commissioned to deliver the gifts of pure love—and the beauty of divine truth—to spiritually adorn the inner sanctuary of all souls. Without end, or possibility to exhaust, God installs his love essence in everyone of us, to behold, and share in—eternally if we choose—a portion of Godly love. To accept, and partake wholeheartedly in the heavenly bestowal of love within one’s heart, is an initiation in God’s will and way of eternal relationship.

Now is that loveliest task—of all who may have discovered such truths in themselves—to establish unbroken loving communion with the Paradise Father, and by degree be transformed into the spirit likeness of the Universal Creator, and hence, forever be liberated from the spiritual darkness of unlovingness.

May we all ponder the state of our soul carefully that we may come to know its quintessential necessity for spirit fusion, and therein found the divine presence of love that abides within, ever leading our souls to the God of love in the highest heaven—even the Eternal Isle of Light, Life, and Love.