Coming Together In The Spirit Of Love

Coming together in the Spirit of Love, we journey forth, permeated, and engulfed by the Love of Spirit. Now, and hereafter—united in the universal body of God—we are knit in the omnipresent, cosmic sinews of the Divine Lover.

Though we go to the ends of the earth, or even onward to other worlds—with soul ever aimed at the heart of God—we will forward on toward the all-embracing goal of endless love with our beloved Creator—collectively joined in the spirit of oneness—progressively loving, learning, growing, and serving into the incomprehensible eternal.

Whenever in need of another—in giving ourselves up to God—we will of a surety find our Divine Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, and Friend, within our very heart and each other. Though we paddle upon the tumultuous streams of our own tears, or walk the blazon desert paths of suffering, our eternal quest in the rising love of Divine Romance will not be in vain, for it is by the perfect wisdom, and glorious ministry of the God of love that we ascend through the trials of spiritual fire, purging all lovelessness, perfecting into all love.

Eventually we will arrive and stand before the very grandeur of God’s light and love, with no end in the depths of love we will discover, and experience in the Universal Creator, each other, and the divine family, thus it is only within God that we venture. Coming together in the Spirit of Love is the way, truth, and life of the God of love, first, last, always.