Instreaming Love Divine

Our hearts are warmed over by the instreaming of divine love. A loving down pour and up- soar engulfs us inside-out. O what a cosmic beauty, and numinous magnificence—indescribable, fathomless love divine that envelopes, and penetrates us through-in-through-out—bursting forth, overflowing, running over all known, and unknown parts of our being.

God’s infinite love—so pristine, perfect, blissful—inundates our soul with spiritual endearment—whose eternal love adorns, enraptures, fulfills our heart beyond compare—nothing will, nor ever can take its place, for the Universal Creator’s love absolute shares no moment of lovelessness.

The pages of our life will read to no end of our Creator’s love—volumes upon volumes of transcendent experiences will testify to a love supreme—the love of God—our source, fountainhead, and  everlasting wellspring of love—now quenching our thirsting heart, so divinely, and affectionately bathing our deepest self.

O how glorious, sacred, and holy is God’s love, inspiring our souls to bow in reverence, praise, and thanksgiving—may we be of heart to go wherever divine love leads, thrilled to do loves every bidding, for God’s love is the love of our life, and our life is of God’s love. May we cherish, live to give, and give to live love, for such is the Creator’s love for you and me.