The Dwelling Place Of Love

The dwelling place of love lies in the interior of our very being. Only our need, sincere desire, purity of intent, and approach is required for the Spirit of Love to reach into our heart and guide us further. And the God of love—whose divine essence and glorified light emanates inside us—will come before our inner-vision, and our soul will shed tears of joy at having found that which we so long sought.

We will be lifted into the divine embrace of spiritual affection, and God’s love will stir in our heart a mighty change, producing in us a divine likeness and radiance of love itself—any and all previous darkness will be dispelled, and the unsearchable brightness of divine love shall penetrate to the very core of our being, transforming, and making our heart into a continuous shining, causing the heavy veil of the cold night of lovelessness to be lifted—spreading even to all those we may perchance come into contact.

Our supreme discovery, and love conversion, will beget ceaseless revelations of the One true love—that all seek, and are a part. Conceive, believe, behold, unfold it, the gift of God’s love is ours to live and give. Always was it there, and forever will it be—for love is inexhaustible.

Now, for God’s sake, love to love—relish, cherish, share it far and wide, and the happiness, and abundant treasures of the Universal Creator of love will eternally overflow through our hearts dwelling place of love!