The Sweet Nectar Of Divine Love

The sweet nectar of divine love pours into the famished heart, and the parched mouth of the soul, refreshing, and restoring the totality of being. The delightful, and baptizing fluids of love divine renews, and rejuvenates the self with unending health, and spiritual wealth.

The heavenly manna of love feeds the heart, replenishing, and regenerating the soul with the rich harvest of  the Creator’s cosmic fruit—filled with the life giving, wholesome juices of divine love, enriched with glorious spiritual flavor, we enter the sustaining joys and happiness of living in the paradisiacal gardens of eternal and infinite love.

God has prepared in our heart an inexhaustible fountain of ever flowing love that we may drink of its pure energy, and be revived in his all-encompassing spirit. We are bequeathed with the spiritized plentitudes of interior fertile lands, lavishly bearing foods of a universal love substance—as we pick, fill, and share thereof, we transmute, and transmit the flowing essence of God’s presence, that we may never thirst, or hunger again.

The fruit-bearing tree of life bountifully provides the sweet nectar of divine love—as we eat and drink from God’s inner wellspring—the energy of light, enabling spirit sight—we are transformed into children of love, sustained by the affectionate nurturance of our Creator’s eternally loving, and everlasting embrace.