The Spiraling Course Of Love

The spiraling course of love gently pulls our lives forward online into a universal web of eternal love—holy connected to sources divine. Not readily apparent is this invisible nexus of spiritual existence of which we are attached, need—that feeds, and leads our souls to relations of love shared.

Energy lanes, mind ways, heart-beams of spirit light, and love, here, and throughout the heavens—active with loving divine ministries—God is present—the I AM of our quintessential being; we are enveloped, and engulfed in the all-pervading field of God’s love lattice.

The Creator’s spiritual matrix absolutely assures the reality, and adventures of mounting love. In all our living we are getting to know the infinite vastness of divine love, the not for one moment ever boring love of God. We are in the time of our lives, merging and fusing with the God of love.

We are journeying with love upon the frontiers of universes too gigantic to conceive, whereupon, we are tuning, and being tuned to the transformative life of the greatest love of all—that is God. We can feel, see, hear, know the gift of God’s love, mercy, grace, presence, within, and all around us now, and forevermore, as we progressively advance with love leading our spiraling course of universal ascension within the heart of God.