As We Walk Through The Garden Of Love

As we walk through the garden of love with our beloved Creator there is a beauty imminent beyond what the senses reveal or our mind perceives—there are realms of grandeur—holy-fields—disclosing the glory of a love filled presence intermingling, interacting in the very fabric, substance, pattern of our minds, bodies, and souls—upholding, nurturing, and bestowing the actuality of love to every aspect of our lives.

The whole of nature and life is clothed in a love reality, originating from the omni-present God of love—who dwells amid, and within every person. The unseeable God animates creation with divine love—humanities necessity—eternally.

Our Universal Creator gives each day that invisible water, and bread of life—without which we could not live—fills us plenty, gratifying beyond all earthly possibility, bringing paradise into existence within our souls—the love garden of God is inside us. Although we may little know of these things, in truth, our world of beings have the God of love as supreme-source and ultimate-destiny—the day is approaching when this planet will surely behold the epochal enactment of divine sovereignty—the era of light, life, and love.

There is a heavenly, universal garden of love that spawns, and sustains all existence on earth, and we are an integral part of it—living in the Creator’s love, truth, beauty, and goodness, whether we know it or not. Gratitude, and praise forevermore to our beloved Creator for the awesome gift of being—wherewith to live, share, and serve in the supernal, glorious gardens of God’s love.