We Are Triumphant In Love

We are triumphant in love because God is, therefore we are. Amid the pains of being, suffering the unanswered questions, and feeling in the dark of long-lost nights, we are victorious through love, owing to the truth—God is love.

We are at this juncture, the farthest point of our earthly travels—called here—now to give it up for love, to each other, and ourselves—is this not the blessing of love being won—not by doubt—but the faith and love that said we could, would, and we are—we’re at this stage, inasmuch as God is.

Are we not the living evidence of love—loving miracles that can testify to days so afflicted with despair that we barely felt we could go on, yet somehow we did, and now we are here—could it really be otherwise? God is love, and so are we.

Presently, our unfolding mysteries are gathered and lovingly shared, the winning stories of our life mirrored before our eyes, as love leads us outward, continually to celebrate, to heal free into the joy of becoming—not alone do we trek, for the all-powerful-One abides in our heart proclaiming triumph—love is conquering all. God is, love is, so are we, and shall we be—even that is our love victory. And so It Is!